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Postponed Matches

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1 Postponed Matches on Wed Jun 26, 2013 2:35 am


All postponed matches are to be played before the end of the season which is 13th July. Matches that have not been played by then will result in a loss being given to both teams.

List of all postponed matches to be played by 13/07

Sat 18/05/13 07:45 PM The Muffin Stuffers [TMS]  vs Total Hax [TH]
Sat 25/05/13 05:45 PM Pelicans [P]  vs  Green Street Elite [GSE]
Sat 25/05/13 06:30 PM The Muffin Stuffers [TMS] vs Tekkerslovakia [TS]
Sat 25/05/13 06:30 PM Total Hax [TH] vs CadArmy [CA]
Tue 28/05/13 08:00 PM Green Street Elite [GSE] vs Pelicans [P]
Tue 28/05/13 08:45 PM Tekkerslovakia [TS] vs The Muffin Stuffers [TMS]
Sat 01/06/13 07:45 PM The Bear Association [TBA] vs Eagles United [EU]
Tue 04/06/13 08:00 PM Eagles United [EU] vs The Muffin Stuffers [TMS]
Tue 04/06/13 08:45 PM Fatality FC [FFC] vs The Bear Association [TBA]
Sat 08/06/13 08:30 PM Total Hax [TH] vs Fatality FC [FFC]
Tue 18/06/13 08:00 PM DreamCatchers [DC] vs Total Hax [TH]
Tue 18/06/13 08:45 PM Green Street Elite [GSE] vs The Muffin Stuffers [TMS]
Tue 18/06/13 08:45 PM Pelicans [P] vs The Bear Association [TBA]

Captains please reply below on when you intend to play the games.

Don't know if this has been played
Sat 22/06/13 07:45 PM  DreamCatchers [DC] vs Eagles United [EU]

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2 Re: Postponed Matches on Wed Jun 26, 2013 2:51 am

emile fai

Admin & Harlem Bike Thieves
Admin & Harlem Bike Thieves
Just schedule all the TH games for Saturdays although we don't want to have to play 3 games in one day. Tuesdays is already too crampt with 3 games going on at the same time. 

We had this problem in Galaxy with unplayed games, just schedule them for times a week after today and they'll get played.

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