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The Muffin Stuffers vs Total Hax

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1 The Muffin Stuffers vs Total Hax on Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:03 am



A match between TMS and TH was bound to be a good one with both sides having amazing talent spread across the team. It started with Total Hax dominating possession and putting together a few good passing moves, but TMS worked their way back into the game with Karl putting a great defensive performance in. The match started slowly, but soon sped back up with another string of attacks by the talented Total Hax. Mlfjawodjaoiwjd picked up a warning for a couple of foul throws, Karl looked clean through after a beauty of a pass from Noob, but a bad touch and Karl lost the chance, and that was it for the first half, no real fight from both teams but TH looking on top.

The second half began, MUCH BETTER than the first with TMS having their fair share of possession, Karl still the outstanding player but later on picked up a warning, for a shit throw. Just saying. But after 12 minutes, the deadlock was broken with Fab putting a cracker of a pass into Breezy who shot from 6 yards, and Apple couldn't keep it out as it deflected off his top and fell into the back of the net. At around 15:45 HELL BROKE LOOSE. *DUMDUMDUMMMM* With Calloway calling the ball back from a foul throw, TH didn't realise, and went on to score, the ref (Iks) called it back, and TMS were awarded a free goal for the mistake, Breeezy picking up a yellow card in the process for blocking the shot. That's when the game totally lost its buzz and with the last chance in the game falling to TH in the 1 minute added time, the game finished 1-0 (ineligible goals removed)


WARNINGS: Mlfaijwd, Karl, Noob, Fab.


MOTM: Karl
OTW: Karl

2 Re: The Muffin Stuffers vs Total Hax on Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:26 am

somalian 2

Fatality FC Captain
Fatality FC Captain
How much did TR pay da refs?! Razz

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3 Re: The Muffin Stuffers vs Total Hax on Sun Nov 25, 2012 1:20 pm

U FORGOT TO MENTION MY SAVE AHAHAH Razz when apple left his position and i stayed back to cover gk Razz but who cares ahahha jk. No. on a serious matter TH played a gd 2nd half. and i gess so did we. we were missing the fire power. (subs)
i will like to inform the rest of the clubs to watch out! it was a 1 0 game but on an other day it could have been 3 0 or even 4 0. They can play some good passing Razz out RFL! Total Hax is in town Razz and so ARE THE MUFFIN STUFFERS )Smile ..

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4 Re: The Muffin Stuffers vs Total Hax on Sun Nov 25, 2012 9:33 pm


Didn't use a replay, Had to do it from memory, well played though noob, unlucky.

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