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Tracking of Cuts.

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1 Tracking of Cuts. on Sun Aug 18, 2013 5:16 am


Captains are allowed 8 cuts/signs in the season, if a new captain is appointed then the team in question will be replenished to 8 cuts/signs. If a player is inactive (not turned up for at over 2 match-days) then they can be cut without using up the 8 cuts, and a player can be signed. Admins can intervene if there are any special circumstances. Players signed must be confirmed in the teams relevant sign in thread, they must be signed before the game in question is scheduled to start to be eligible to play in that game. Being signed in the free agency is optional and not mandatory. A player retiring from a team will also not count as a cut and a retired player cannot play for any other team in the rest of that season, but can return from retirement but the team that retired the player has rights over where the player goes.

Eagles United -> 3 Cuts Left
Fatality FC -> 6 Cuts Left
Green Street Elite -> 8 Cuts Left
Harlem Bike Thieves -> 8 Cuts Left
Hyper Fulham -> 7 Cuts Left
Pelicans -> 7 Cuts Left
Ragnarok -> 6 Cuts Left
Soup-A-Stars -> 4 Cuts Left
Swag FC -> 8 Cuts Left
The Muffin Stuffers -> 5 Cuts Left

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