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Real Football League

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1 Real Football League on Tue Aug 06, 2013 5:06 am

History of Real Football League

It all Started by two people, Skjold and Calloway, Both of them tried hard to make a league with friendly environment which didn't work out as well as they would of hoped it to be.

Just after one week, the league collapsed after an impersonation had taken place, not sure if it was the only reason though.

 Anyway, There there were some people that saw some potential in a league and the map its self. Those people are as follows; Renbaudach, mlfaijati, iks and Samuel (Rolling Eyes)

After that, the first season was bound to start, Captain applications were opened and everyone willing could captain a team.
i was the first one to apply for captain, just sayin'

Successful captains were:

Captain: Apple
Team Name: The Muffin Stuffers

Captain: Kacaniklic
Team Name: Super Fulham

Captain: Skjöld
Team Name: Class on Grass

Captain: mlfaijati
Team Name: Total Hax

Captain: Hazard (kevin took over)
Team Name: Awaiting Team Name

Captain: Aidizzle (s.signorelli took over)
Team Name: Northern Lions

It was clear from the start who was the favorite, Total Hax, Captained by mlfaijati was an experienced team that know how to play together. They all together won pretty much all the games which was quite impressive.
As the season 1 closed to an end, the 3 top places were final

1st [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]Total Hax
2nd [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]TMS
3rd CoG couldnt find a small sized logo, sry.

In Season 2, 3 more teams were added, none look too promising except 1, DreamCathers captained by Witsel. The team started with a disappointing reputation being called DreamCrushers but they moved on and had a great season.
The Muffin Stuffers transformed into a totally different team called Ragnarok captained by Irish_Nightwish now.
Arsenal C Team also changed, now called Fatality FC under leadership of Devinurdog.

Once the new season started, Everyone again thought that Total Hax will dominate the league once more, and this did happen but, you could see more trouble throughout the season that they had with teams such as Dreamcathers and Fatality FC.

Also, Throughout those 2 season, it was hard not to notice how much people got into Real Football, Huge amount of love came from Galaxy and some just from public rooms.

I wasn't here for season 2 so i don't know what to write about it, I don't even know who came top 3 :/

Season 3 is where the huge changes came, with 5 new teams;

Pelicans captained by Skjold/Samuel
TMS captained by Apple
Cadarmy captained by Cadbury
Swag FC captained by Shaps
Eagles United captained by AM-99

All those teams looked decent enough to win for +7 place.

Throughout the season there were some disappointments in some teams like TMS whos captain couldn't careless about the team, Eagles untied who were bad mouthed but also some good things like cadarmy that didn't start of well at the start of the season but finished +6, Swag FC who played really well that season ending up 3rd place which is great for a new formed team. Fatality FC which continued to impress, where also devinurdog dropped out as captain which is surprising since he made the team stand out from the rest after picking them up. Total Hax not really playing their game like in season 1 and 2. Pelicans looked really tough but didn't finish a place that they deserved either.
Only shows us how haxball is unpredictable, A team might have great players but not a great captain, A team might have a Great captain but shit players or have a shit captain and shit players or have great captain and great players.

We can't forget about The Bear Association, One of my favorite teams because of the way they played and the atmosphere that they had. Great players with great attitude.

Season 4 is bound to be good. Once its done, i will update it.
Thanks for reading.

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2 Re: Real Football League on Tue Aug 06, 2013 5:22 am

Mr Shithead

Administrator & Swag FC Captain
Administrator & Swag FC Captain
Ask your brother for season 2 info Very Happy 

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Yeah because thats the feedback i was looking for. gg

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4 Re: Real Football League on Tue Aug 06, 2013 5:36 am

Wasnt't wildeh doing something like this?

I like trains.
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5 Re: Real Football League on Tue Aug 06, 2013 5:38 am

He went more in depth of people and teams from the old RFL
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] good read

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