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Thanks GSE!!! GOOD LUCK for the new season! #TMS, #TBA, #GSE!!!

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As always i pick a team to play for them for one season and change teams when new season begins. So now that the season is over my contract has expired once again, and i am a free agent!
I would like to thank all my GSE team mates for the experience playing with you and for making this a big challenge Smile
It was my privilege to work with you Kevin Nolan , Beninho and Hulk! ... we have been through some rough games but we have accomplished to finish above some other teams! We have proven the haters wrong about, how we were going to disband after 3 games and kept pushing on !
The biggest regret was that i havent played and contributed as much as i would have liked to due to summer exams and work experience! but itwas nice to see the team winning a few games with out me and keeping the faith and positiveness around. Sure we had a few arguments but everyone does when teams lose games.
Anyway! GSE u have earned my respect and love and doing so you have gained a spot next to my previous teams i played in!!

I love you I love you  #TMS, #TBA, #GSE!!! I love you I love you 


1 noob! me! ):@

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2 sad times for GSE on Sun Jul 21, 2013 10:55 pm

Forever 9 Years Old

Forever 9 Years Old
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Ragnarok Captain
Sad  its sad to see u go , but u did say at the end of the season , i would like to say thanks for joining us and i wish u the best of luck in what ever team u join next , i wont be captain of GSE HULK will , and i have to still decide where i am going.

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dpmo noob.. come back

noob u r a traitor to gse everywhere

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