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#justice for total hax

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1 #justice for total hax on Wed Jun 19, 2013 8:05 am

emile fai

Admin & Harlem Bike Thieves
Admin & Harlem Bike Thieves
Absolute Travesty.

Honestly I remember why I threatened to leave rfl before. Horrible refs, teams with lack of fp or knowledge of the rules... it's almost as if we want this kind of thing to happen with the total lack or organisation and planning gone into the league.

Total Hax vs DreamCatchers. Refereed by Fabien. Why did we get Fabien? Because there was nobody else and nobody made an attempt to ref the game. This of course is not the first time this has happened, may I remind everyone of the other occasion when an unqualified and frankly terrible ref (who has no relation to the league btw) reffed a game.

To highlight the stupidity of the game that took place, here is a breakdown of how Fabien failed to control the game and as a result of that the opposing team not playing fairly at all, resulting in a horrible game. And if the result of which is left to stand then I really do lose all hope in the league.

0:22: Fabien fails to make call, or state that the game in question is 'real' and is not a test.

0:40: Once again, no call - Witsel himself has to take it upon himself to ask the ref to referee the game, why does this have any place in the league? Subsequently, another call is not made so the game itself has to be paused by one of the people playing in the match (which should not be allowed, but had to be done) to sort out what was already a mess of a game. Referee then makes the call, a hilariously bad one as it was clearly a B throw, we then proceed to fairplay this (take note) because we don't believe in taking advantage (take note) of having an incompetent ref.

1:08: Once again, call is not made. We probably would have done a better job without a ref at this point. His excuse is that he was 'looking away'. I hope this is the same for some of the other calls he proceeds to make in the game.

1:40: Blue throw is given (slightly belatedly in my opinion) and is not called to be taken back which it clearly has to be, thankfully the ball is kicked back to where it should have been taken. 

1:55: First of many instances where sufficient distance has not been given from a throw in, of course the ref does not pick up on this at all.

2:00: Once again, not calling for the ball to be played back.

2:28: 'B' given for the ball going out, I honestly believe he meant a blue throw in (this is because he proceeds to give a 'GK') players take it upon themselves to ignore the ref and take matters into their own hands. This is met not with sanctions but with the ref going with the players (take note) and giving a very belated GK.

3:00: Ball in my opinion comes off TimMulder, which would make it a blue throw. Minor but the ref once again seems to go with the players seemingly instead of making calls himself.

3:35: 'R' call is given after all players are allowed to go for a toilet break and shave their beards. 

3:40: Another red throw is given, this time with Chillmaz seeming forgetting 'fairplay' and kicking the ball away. No attempt at any sanctions from the ref however. This leads on to further offences of the same nature, which in my opinion only happened because of the lack of assertion of power from the ref.

5:20: Arguement between 2 players is overlooked, should have been stopped to avoid further confrontation.

5:45: Joehan then proceeds to 'make a point' by 'returning the favour' to the opposition, once again to no reprimand. 

6:50: Another stupidly delayed call, slowing down the pace of the game and forcing us to stop mid-attack. Throw in is then take far further than when it should have been taken, once again to no response from the ref.

7:20: Chillmaz (once again, I've seen him be like this in other games too) argues against the ref's call (which was correct, funnily enough) and then proceeds to stop my throw in. And guess what? He gets away with it, setting the tone for the rest of the game nicely.

8:55: Poor call, minor.

10:25: More problems about distance, ruining the game somewhat at this point.

10:35: Chillmaz (once again, noticing a trend?) has a sincere lack of fairplay, kicking the ball at opc making it impossible for him to take an effective throw in.

10:40: First time Fabien seems to remember he is reffing the game and after being prompted one more than one occasion by Joehan he says 'distance', of course he wouldn't actually take any action - that'd be going to far now.

11:00: Game goes past 10:00 and of course Fabien is none the wiser about this, has to be reminded by Kaca to add time on. To which he responds 'YE', instead of giving an actual response such as a timeframe for the additional time. He then goes on to say 'No added' after more prompting, this time by Witsel. He gives no added time which is very silly due to the kicking the ball away incidents.

11:45: Fabien only deems it apropriate to threaten sanctions when the integrity of his own reffing is in question, threatens Witsel with a yellow card (no warning ofc, that'd make far too much sense)

12:05: Yet more un-provoked dissent from Chillmaz, this time towards myself. I am the bigger man in this instance and ignore him.

12:40: Fabien really starts to take the piss, pausing the game to delay the start of the 2nd half.

13:35: Foul throw which eventually led to the goal, with the game poised at 1-1 this made all the difference really.

13:55: Showing how it went both ways, an obvious GK was turned corner by Fabien, and when kouki (rightly in my opinion) contested the call he got himself in the book.

14:30: More stupidly belated calls and calls not being made at all.

14:45: Terrible call honestly. Far too much player influence.

15:25: Another no-call...

16:05: Another terrible call, and nothing is said after it which is also terrible.

16:10: He then deems it necessary not to book people for on pitch disobedience but to defend himself.

16:25: Diabolical call, so much so it is ignored and he doesn't even change his decision or mention it again. Not for the first time. Please note that we have not been behaving badly at all and are still trying to play the match justly and fairly, I doubt other teams who have been messed over by decisions would be the same.

18:40: Distance is not given for the throw in to be taken once again, all of my throws are legal and despite this a foul throw is called due to no fault of my own.

18:55: Ref once again has to be told how to do his job. This time by Chillmaz telling him he has to pause to communicate a decision.

19:20: Multiple calls for lag from kouki are ignored.

19:40: More stupid shit goes on...

22:05: Ref doesn't know its a throw. Missing stuff out now coz i cba.

22:15: No call is even made, wtf.

24:00 onwards: Ref has to be reminded for ET again. He then says 5 minutes which pretty much sums it up. Clearly a troll and yet more reason for the game to be played again fairly. He then overturns this decision. Understanably this is too much for my players, with Joehan gettign send off and opc then scoring a deliberate own goal.

I doubt very much if he even recorded and he certainly has no intention of making a ref report. I did the liberty of making a very ''in depth'' one lets say...

I'd urge you to avoid bringing the reputation of the league into disrepute and be glorious about this and replay the match under proper conditions to determine who indeed should be the victors of this match. I have confidence that Witsel will accept this, as I know he wouldn't want to gain points unfairly in his quest for supremacy in the league. I also have trust in my fellow admins to be consistent and force this game to be replayed regardless, in keeping with the similar decision for the GSE vs Tekkers game.

A solution for this has to be something I've been mentioning time and again. Actually assigning refs who know what they are doing to specific matches to ensure that matchdays run smoothly and all games are played properly and on time. It's just a matter of time before a similar event happens like this, it's happened before and it certainly will happen again.

Don't believe I wasted an hour writing this but such is my passion for justice and my dedication to the league I feel that it was necessary. 

At the end of the day, the league is for fun and no part of that match was fun in the slightest. 

Didn't proof read nuffin. yolo.


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2 Re: #justice for total hax on Wed Jun 19, 2013 8:19 am


Harlem Bike Thieves
Harlem Bike Thieves
How would you spend like an hour writing all that shit up for, how did you not get bored writing that up wtf. Also The referee in Tekker vs GSE was Fabien l0000l and Skjold banned him from reffing future games.

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3 Re: #justice for total hax on Wed Jun 19, 2013 8:23 am

Ye I agree that a replay is the best solution, even though it would be very easy to take a win against Total Hax.

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4 Re: #justice for total hax on Wed Jun 19, 2013 8:23 am


So, why wasn't this game just postponed instead of getting a banned ref to play? Would've not had this issue and then this thread wouldn't exist.

It's clear that a replay is to be given, but I'll just talk to the other admins not involved in this to clarify my decision.

5 Re: #justice for total hax on Wed Jun 19, 2013 8:25 am

somalian 2

Fatality FC Captain
Fatality FC Captain
I was free, why didn't u ask me to ref xD and yeah replayed defo

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6 Re: #justice for total hax on Wed Jun 19, 2013 8:42 am


can i just say yeah sure replay can be done , but total hax actually got fabien to ref not anyone from DreamCatchers

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7 Re: #justice for total hax on Wed Jun 19, 2013 8:42 am


Ref was banned? Didn't know that, link to list of banned refs please thanks.

8 Re: #justice for total hax on Wed Jun 19, 2013 9:01 am

cuc oein

Harlem Bike Thieves
Harlem Bike Thieves

<22:42:02> "arctic": lol fabien poked me saying he was going to troll in an rfl match

Very Happy

inb4 th lose replay

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9 Re: #justice for total hax on Wed Jun 19, 2013 9:32 am

Mr Shithead

Administrator & Swag FC Captain
Administrator & Swag FC Captain
Firstly the whole reputation of a league which has been going for nearly a year doesn't have to be put into question over 1 incident. The obvious problem here was the referee. 

Fabien who had already been given a "ref ban" due to his poor refereeing in a previous game should have been an obvious sign that bad things were to come. The fact that you stuck with him after 5 minutes of playing a match, hell, even at half time would have been a good time. I even offered to ref the match after I had finished a fs I was playing.

Assigning refs for each game would be the obvious solution to stop this sudden panic for finding a ref.  But we have seen in the past (end of S2 and CL) that refs aren't that committed. Also note to teams that they should be looking and securing a ref 20 minutes prior to their match to ensure games will be played on time. 

But to summarise rematch with a decent ref k kl x

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10 Re: #justice for total hax on Wed Jun 19, 2013 6:38 pm


tbh i understand were mlf is coming from and i aint even going to argue about the replay because i think that is the right decision , there was alot of poor calls but we did not argue or moan about the calls maybe we was like wot? when some throws was clearly ours or theres? even one point we was like not its their throw , but can i just get the point in they got fabien to ref , and then moaned after half time when they was loosing , i dont want to fall out with any of total hax or anyone but i dont think this would even matter if they won , yeah we scored or i scored a goal which was taken from a foul throw from myself , but as a admin & captain if this happened to me i would want a reply :-)

so yeah give me time & we will play , just end it here , iknow i dont do final decisions but its the right one LOCKED

11 Re: #justice for total hax on Wed Jun 19, 2013 8:47 pm

>mfw they got fabien to ref
>realised fabien was banned

ye replay x

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12 Re: #justice for total hax on Sun Jun 23, 2013 6:01 am


Administrator & Harlem Bike Thieves Captain
Administrator & Harlem Bike Thieves Captain
What we have learned today:

mlf needs to get out more

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