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Believe me :(

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1 Believe me :( on Tue Nov 13, 2012 5:25 am

So , first of i don't know which thread to use so if you don't want it, here delete it .
All i want to say is that it wasn't me on this match vs Ajax Tress down... I wasn't even on it . I know IKS is angry with me that someone impersonating me banned him in the middle of game. Now , SOME people don't believe me , because of it , I decided to point out the the best proof ....

On the match my avatar was 13 , but really it should be 1 Smile (Teammates can proof it)

I didn't have TMS on my nick . ( why would i delete it on the second match?)

And Tom can say that the rooms that i make are , for some reason , more KMs than the one that was made by this ''Apple''

Some errors like : irish was on GK ( hes defender , he can proof it )

The thing i want , is to be well respected , i don't want someone who impersonated me destroying the reputation i gained in couple of days. I hope you will finally believe me , this will be my last try , if you'll not , ill just leave it and let you think what you want Smile
Thanks .

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2 Re: Believe me :( on Tue Nov 13, 2012 7:51 am


Hi apple i'm not angry or anything at you, and I believe it was not you.

Let's put it all behind us and start fresh it's a new league and anything that happened in the previous league I can assure you that me, hazard, ren and mlf will not allow it to happen.

Hopefully in this league we have introduced a rule, where no game links will be allowed to be posted on the chat, they are to be sent out by PM or they will be put into your private forums, where only your team members will see the message.


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