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HaxRFL Rulebook!

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1 HaxRFL Rulebook! on Mon Nov 12, 2012 7:34 am

emile fai

Admin & Harlem Bike Thieves
Admin & Harlem Bike Thieves

1.)Be mature: we don't want to be having to moderate people all the time, act as you would like to be acted against and we can all move forward together. Basically this means being respectful; both to the admins and match officials, and to the community in general. I imagine most of us can handle a bit of banter, but try not to let any drama get out of hand; it is only a game after all.

2.)No impersonations: anyone caught impersonating will be given a season long ban, and any players involved will be punished also

3.)No macros: should be wildly known, but no macros are allowed season long ban if you are caught

4.)No flaming/trolling: Links in to the first point, this is meant to be a fun league where we can relax and play hax (and rhyme mid sentence) we don't want keyboard warriors ruining that experience for anybody.
No posting room links on chat or having them on the public list with a password: There are PM's and Private forums for a reason, if a room link is leaked then a new room must be made

5.)Match Rules: Games are 4v4, 3v4 will be allowed if both captains agree to it, same with 3v3 but if you fail to get 3 players you will be given a def-loss (no 2v3, 2v2, 2v4 etc.) If the match is a 3v4, the opposing captain is not forced to even up the numbers and make it a 3v3, but can do so. If a team is one or two players short, the captain has the ability to loan players (Max 3 in a season) in the Free Agency and have them play in the match, wihout having to commit to sign them permanently. 10 Minute halves, and of course played on the real football map (checksum: 4CCC31E3). Only players allowed in the room are: Referees, Players, Captains and a possible streaming team if necessary, subs will not be allowed in the room due to it making more lag, they can be called on chat or on ts if needed.

6.) Subs: There is no limit on the amount of subs to be made during the match. Subs will only be allowed to made when the ball is out for a Goal Kick, Corner or a team has scored a goal. Making subs during open play and throw ins is not allowed and may be punished.

7.) Before each match a lag test must be carried out, and only when both captains agree to a host will the match be started by the nominated match official.

8.) Game days will be on Tuesdays after 8pm and Saturdays.

9.) No pornographic or other offensive material should be posted on any part of the website at any time. The indecency on the post will determine the length of the ban you get, but assume it will be the last thing you post on this website.

Rules are subject to change, and if a specific rule is not in the rulebook but is deemed to be against the idea of the league or unfair in any way the admin team reserve the right to make decisions based on each situation.

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2 question! on Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:12 am

when u said and i quote " No macros: should be wildly known, but no macros are allowed season long ban if you are caught "
.. what are macros, and why not aloud !? noob so am excused if this is a silly question for some. pls reply back Sad...

1 noob! me! ):@

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3 Re: HaxRFL Rulebook! on Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:17 am

emile fai

Admin & Harlem Bike Thieves
Admin & Harlem Bike Thieves
A 'Macro' in this sense is a program that makes a button press (e.g. pressing the button z) make another button be pressed twice. This can be utilised to the players advantage by making spam battles easier as you can just hold down a button like z to make x (or kick) happen a lot without having to break your keyboard. This is my understanding of it as far as I know.

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4 Re: HaxRFL Rulebook! on Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:36 am

thanks for ur reply and patience Razz ...looking forward to trying my new skills with the use of it.....i mean yea , ppl using it should be ban! )Sad...
was only jk about using it. . Wink

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