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Replacement of cards

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1 Replacement of cards on Tue Nov 27, 2012 9:43 am



I thought i would suggest this, as imo the card system is a little flawed, perhaps this system may be more fair, and mean fair-play has more of an impact on each game.

So, my idea it that the effect of Red cards and Yellow cards are changed, as shown below:

Yellow Card: A player is given this for disobeying the ref, not sporting play etc.
Once a player is presented a yellow card he is substituted by the ref for 30 seconds (started counting from the resumption of play). The player is allowed to be subbed back on when the ball goes out of play (for a throw-in, gk etc.).
This new rule would encourage players to play fair because they know that if they dont they are playing 4v3 for a time, making them weaker.

NEW. Orange Card: This is presented for 3-4 yellow cards FOR A TEAM. so if a team is presented with 3-4 yellow cards, the captain (or the designated leader of the team) picks one of their players, and this player is subsistuted for 2 minutes, with the team then playing 4v3 for the duration of the suspension.
Again, this is a whole team thing, meaning if a team consistently ruins the game, and the referee judges it appropriate, then the game can be balanced again.

Red Card. This is presented for one player consistently being a nuisance. They are then subbed for 4 minutes, thus meaning their team has to play a 4v3 game, seriously weakened for a significant length of time.
Again this should only be used in situations when judged appropriate.

Now, another issue, extra time.
If extra time has to be played due to mistakes etc. then the extra time should be continued from the area play finished at the end of normal time.
This means the same team has possession of the ball.

I would also suggest that the time limit of a game be set to (unlimited) because then play can continue as long as the referee judges necessary, and if not, the referee can pause play at the end of the 10 minutes and agree extra time etc. due to delays.
(perhaps every half should have an extra time judged around 30seconds-1 minute, depending on the number of corner kicks and throw-ins)
Once the amount of extra time on that half has been decided, the refereee unpauses play, when both captains say they are ready, and play continues as long as needed.

2 Re: Replacement of cards on Tue Nov 27, 2012 8:08 pm


Hi karl good ideas, I think that we could somehow integrate them into our current rules, I will have to wait for opinions from other admins, hopefully they will be implemented soon.

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3 Re: Replacement of cards on Fri Dec 07, 2012 10:25 pm


Tad late but I definitely agree with the extra time thing, we were totally robbed against SF when there was 2 minutes added time when only 20-30 seconds was wasted.

4 Re: Replacement of cards on Sun Dec 09, 2012 11:52 pm

Orange card XD Lol'd hard >.<

Only problem with orange card:
-You get your 4th yellow... so that player then has to sit out... so then the captain has to choose someone else to sit out as well?

If the captain just chooses a random player then the yellow card offender would still be on the pitch... so don't see how that works. But perhaps some sort of rule that means after a certain number of yellows a season you have to sit out a game and can't be called upon as a sub?

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